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重磅邀請八位明星級大師:Suen Lee、Kira Noire、Gaby Borrayo、Lei Jiang、Haruna Matsunami、Olena Minina、Adam Lin、Marie Moulin,為期一週的Pole Camp,以程度做分組,分別為:初中階、中階A&B、高階,一組總共上16堂課程,其中一天為觀光、晚上聚餐,最後一天有七位大師演出Showcase!

(為確保場地觀賞視線良好,不開放未報名Pole Camp者入場觀賞演出)

We are thrilled to invite eight renowned instructors for an exciting one-week Pole Camp.

Instructors:Suen Lee、Kira Noire、Gaby Borrayo、Lei Jiang、Haruna Matsunami、Olena Minina、Adam Lin、Marie Moulin

Categorized by skill level. The four groups are as follows: Beginner-Intermediate, Intermediate A&B and Advanced. Each group will participate in a total of 16 classes. One day will be dedicated to sightseeing, followed by a group dinner. And finally, we have a breathtaking surprise for you all! An eagerly anticipated Showcase featuring the seven instructors.
(Please note that to ensure an optimal viewing experience, the showcase is exclusively open to registered Pole Camp participants.)

報名費用 The registration fee

The fee includes 16 classes, a half-day sightseeing tour, one group dinner, and the showcase, accommodation is not included.


The first 10 registrants for early bird price 10% off

時間 Time:2023/12/4-10

地點 Place:Dazzling Pole Studio Taipei
開放報名時間:5/25(四) 18:00

Open Registration:May 25th 18:00 (GMT+8)


Please message Dazzling Pole Studio's Instagram to register and complete the payment within 30 minutes. The spot will be available to others if the payment is not completed within the given time. International payments are only accepted through PayPal.


Dazzling Pole Studio reserves the right to make final adjustments and changes to the schedule.

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